Dispersion Kneader

Landmark’s experience and continual feedback from customers in kneading technology has resulted the most efficient and high quality processing of raw material in various formulation & application.

Landmark Kneader - Key feature

  • Hydraulically Operated or Pneumatically operated piston to give force to the pressure lid.
  • Various electrical & Mechanical safety interlocks to avoid any accident to the equipment or operator
  • Heavy Duty Gear Box from reputed manufacturer of the country
  • All rotating gears are duly Hardened & ground for longer life and least noise.
  • Screw driven with brake Tilting unit for highest degree of Tilt upto 145 degree, which enables fastest and easy discharge of the kneaded material
  • Precisely placed temperature sensor to give more accurate temperature of the mixed/processed material
  • Excellent rotor blade design, angle and precise clearance of the chamber gives best quality processing in optimum time duration
  • Cooling provision in Rotors, Chamber, and pressure lid gives you the perfect chemistry to be used for processing, resulting best quality processing for Heat Sensitive material and easy discharge of the mixed lump from the chamber.

  • Highest available quality of Hard Chrome Plating to all internal parts of the mixing chamber.
  • Electric control cabinet to operate the machine is equipped with Highest Quality , perfect selection of the switch gears, Timers and Temperature sensor and controller to give smooth operation for longer years.
  • Dual Panel option is available to keep the major components safe from dust and heat.
  • PLC Control option in automatic/manual mode is optionally available
  • AC variable drive for main motor is optional and suggested for the energy saving and longer life of the prime movers in the machine
  • Automatic or Manual lubrication system installed for all moving parts to give smooth operation
  • Best quality and innovated sealing system gives more than 95% saving in leakage from the Rotors and dust coming out in the ambient – resulted in minimizing the wastage and air pollution
  • Multiple feeding option can be offer as per customer convenience – Front feeding, Back feeding, and Top feeding.

Models Available:
Size Standard Motor Capacity Batch Size
Lab Size ( 1/3/5 Ltr) 3/5/7.5 HP 1.2 to 10 Kg
20 Ltr 25HP – 40HP 15 to 25 Kg
25/30 Ltr 40HP – 60HP 25 to 50 Kg
40 Ltr 50HP – 75HP 50 to 80 Kg
55 Ltr 75HP – 100HP 60 to 110 Kg
75 Ltr 75HP – 125HP 90 to 150 Kg
100 Ltr 100HP – 150HP 100 to 200 Kg
125 Ltr 125HP – 180HP 125 to 250 Kg
150 Ltr 150HP – 220HP 150 to 300 Kg
200 Ltr 220HP – 300HP 180 to 400 Kg