Hybrid - Twin Screw Extruder

  • It is combination of Dispersion Kneader with Co Rotating Twin Screw Extruder for Higher Loading of Carbon Black and CaCo3, which is difficult to load in Co Rotating Twin Screw with Volumetric or loss in weight feeder.
  • Specially selected High Quality and High Torque Gear box for longer life.
  • Higher number of Heating and Cooling Zones makes it more precise temperature Controlled processing
  • Screw & Barrel are made up of special alloy steel for longer life.
  • Strand Cutting/Air Ring Die Face and Water Ring Die face cutting is available
  • Natural Vent & Vaccum Pump removes the impurity from the material and enhance the quality for end use.

Description LTSE-50 LTSE-65 LTSE-75 LTSE-95
Screw Diameter(mm) 50.5 62.4 71 92
Kneader 40 75 100 150
Screw Intermesh 1.55
L/D Ratio 36-60
Power 45-75 55-90 110-250 315-400
Max. Screw RPM 600-800
Output(kg./hr) 150-250 200-450 400-1000 600-1500